B.C. Men's Resource Centre

website: menbc.ca



1. ANGER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP. This workshop is primarily for women and men who inappropriately express their anger toward strangers (eg. road rage, bar fights). The workshop is conducted in a group setting. An individual format/fee is also available. Could be used for “diversion” purposes. The workshop is also available via Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

Workshop date:                                                                                                                  Workshop Fee: $60.00

2. ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE. A positive approach to dealing with conflict and anger in a healthy way. (See course outline on a separate page.) Focuses upon assisting men through these periods in a supportive non-judgmental fashion. The course is conducted in a group setting. Women may also take the course. Individual and couple formats/fees are also available. The course is also available via Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC. For inquiries about the course, email the instructor at men@vcn.bc.ca 

First session:                                                                                                                        Course Fee: $160.00

3. RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS COUNSELLING. Eight individual counselling sessions focusing on developing healthier relationships through exploration of topics including self-esteem, attitudes toward women, sex and intimacy, alcohol and drugs in relationships, boundaries, empathy, listening skills, conflict resolution, and assertiveness. Counsellor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

                                                                                                                                          Cost: sliding scale

4. ENDING PARTNER ABUSE. This 26-session course is for individuals with ongoing or long-standing difficulties with anger and aggression in intimate relationships. Topics covered include forms of abuse, power and control, gender roles, non-threatening behaviour, respect, trust and support, honesty and accountability, and negotiation and fairness. Individual format. The course is also available via Skype. Instructor: Dr. Jerry Arthur-Wong, RCC

Course day/time: to be arranged                                                           Course Fee: $780.00 ($30 per session)

5. FATHERS WITHOUT CUSTODY/ACCESS group. No longer offered.

**** ACCESS DENIAL: To view an excellent video on one father's challenge go to www.youtube.com and type in "angelina ongoing abuse." 

**** ACCESS DENIAL: To read an article and view videos on access denial go to www.cbc.ca/thenational/indepthanalysis/gopublic/  

**** The provincial government of BC solicited feedback on its Family Law White Paper. To read it go to www.ag.gov.bc.ca/legislation

**** The provincial government of BC is proposing changes to the Family Relations Act. Read Bill 16 at www.leg.bc.ca/39th4th/1st_read/gov16-1.htm

 **** Fathers in court: www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/video/fighting-for-fathers/1191010962001

**** Parental Abductions: http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/parental-abductions-go-unpunished-canadian-dads-say